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Nothing more comforting to embrace your nights of rest. This 100% cotton cover is the perfect combination of softness and lightness, just put your favorite duvet in your duvet and you will create the rest environment of your dreams. The perfect simplicity and practicality to make your bed every day and to be able to change your style, just change your cover and you will add a different touch to your room. Simple, clean and light design, the match that your sheets need.


    Cotton Duvet Cover

    • Characteristics:

      • Interchangeable look, combine your clothes according to your tastes and the season.
      • Freshness and softness, 100% extra soft cotton.
      • Perfect resting microclimate, duvet and quilt, in combination.
      • They facilitate perspiration, helping your skin to stay hydrated.
      • Superior maintenance and durability.
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