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The Microgel Pillow is one of our favorites, without a doubt it is our recommendation for people who are looking for their ideal pillow due to its quality of absolute adaptability; a synthetic pillow option that mimics the softness of natural down. Ideal for people of small size or who require a pillow on their backs, knees, or simply to hug, ideal for children. It fits but regains its shape.


    microgel pillow

    SKU: 21554345656
    • Characteristics:

      • Maximum support and softness that you need to rest with the correct posture.
      • Its cotton cover favors the circulation of air inside, providing freshness and lightness.
      • The qualities of its synthetic padding are ideal to accommodate it in any position and obtain more support where you need it.
      • Ideal to hug or place between the legs, or for small people such as children.
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