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  Massages and facials

  • Abhyanga Ritual - The Ayurvedic practice of abhyanga, or oil and pindas massage, has physical benefits such as releasing muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and more nourished skin from head to toe. It stands out from other massages for its focus on the skin, rather than just the underlying muscles; From the oils used to the stimulating movements of the circulation, it is more like a facial massage for the whole body. In India, the practice is deeply tied to the notion of self-care. "Sneha is the root of this type of massage in Sanskrit," explains Ayurvedic doctor Pratima Raichur, "which is also translated as 'love.' Includes a glass of wine at the end. 50 min- $ 3,132.00 MXN
  • Bride Rosé and Champagne Ritual - Enveloping rose and champagne ritual that includes scrub, oil and mask. Includes a glass of rose wine and chocolates. (Ideal for wedding). 80 min- $ 3,358.20 MXN
  • Groom Ritual - Fortifying ritual that includes a facial, exfoliation and a sports massage. Includes a glass of rose wine and chocolates. (Ideal for wedding). 80 min- $ 3,358.20 MXN  
  • Chocolate Ritual - Enveloping ritual with scrub, oil and chocolate mask. Includes a glass of rose wine and chocolates. 80 min- $ 3,132 MXN
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage - Most of us accumulate tension in the neck and back, this massage combines Swedish techniques and stretching to have better results ... 25 min- $ 1,026.60 MXN
  • Revitalizing legs massage- Legs and feet are often ignored in massages, this massage focuses on releasing the tension of this part of the body obtaining results to continue with your itinerary ... 25 min- $1,026.60 MXN 50 min- $ 1,722.60 MXN
  • Holistic Massage- Massage that relaxes and restores vital energy with a gentle and relaxing full body massage, using the benefits of aromatherapy in combination with Swedish massage, long and gentle movements that improve circulation, as well as mobility. It is excellent if you are looking for total relaxation. 50 min- $ 1,838.60 MXN 80 min- $ 2,302.60 MXN
  • Mayan mud massage - Experience that combines relaxing massage with the mineral properties of the Mayan mud. This massage is incredibly useful to purify, relax, improve circulation and you will have very soft and smooth skin. 50min- $ 1,954.60 MXN 80 min- $ 2,302.60 MXN
  • Aroma therapeutic massage- Massage in which Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, stretching and hot stones are combined in the neck area. 60 min- $ 1,908.20 MXN 80 min- $ 2,302.60 MXN
  • Deep tissue massage- The deep tissue massage technique is designed to penetrate below the superficial layers of the muscle, making it ideal for treating chronic muscle problems and muscle tightness or restrictions. 50 min- $ 1,908.20 MXN 80 min- $ 2,302.60 MXN
  • Prenatal Massage- In prenatal massage a series of techniques are used to mitigate the discomfort of pregnancy, combat leg and back pain, relax the muscles and improve blood circulation, but the most important thing about this therapy is that it helps to increase the well-being of both mother and baby through the release of endorphins. 50 min- $2,024.20 MXN 80 min- $2,418.60 MXN 
  • Moisturizing facial- It consists of achieving a greater proportion of water in the skin and the increase in the formation of collagen, elastic and reticular fibers through different basic techniques to begin a true rejuvenation process. 50 min- $ 1,972.00 MXN
  • Jelly Masks- Moisturizing Masks- $2,436.00 MXN
-Facial Premium Glow Spinel - Tones the facial skin with the application of an ampoule, according to the skin's need, with a Bulgarian Rose mask.  
 - Hydra Facial Garnet- Regulates rejuvenation to the face by applying an ampoule of Vitamin C and Provence Chamomile Mask. 
-Antiage Facial Alexandrite- A sigh to the face with an ampoule and a Gold 24k mask that will give a unique glow to the skin.
-Zircon Facial - A gift to the face is accompanied with a seaweed hydro-plastic mask that relaxes the features. 
-Azurite Facial - Relax facial skin with a hyaluronic acid mask. 
  • Clay Facials - $2,302.60 MXN
-Cica Clay Facial (Asian Centella) - Cica is known to contain a powerful antioxidant active - Madecassoside - very effective in the treatment of scars. It promotes the reduction of skin inflammation and accelerates the skin's regenerative process.
-Chocolate Clay Facial: Unites anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and firming properties.
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Clay- Helps replenish the skin to increase hydration, improve elasticity and strengthen the skin. 
-Matcha Clay Facial- Brings a powerful purifying effect to the skin to cleanse it of impurities and dirt. 
-Vitamin C Clay Facial - Helps restore texture, restore radiance and even skin tone. It also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin making your skin stronger and firmer and preventing future damage from hyperpigmentation.
-Volcanic Clay Facial- Toxins and impurities will be drawn out of your body. Relieves muscle and joint pain- The heat and minerals from a volcanic mud bath and hot springs have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Softens the skin: the volcanic ash exfoliates your skin.
  • Acupuncture-Acupuncture seeks to help improve health, even preventively, it can help strengthen the immune system. The patient is observed as an integral system and the treatment will vary depending on the symptoms and the patient's age, their complexion and in many cases it is important to change some eating habits to improve health. In addition, acupuncture can also be supplemented with massage. -          4 sessions of 50 min- $ 2,204.00 MXN
  • Sculpting massage with ice therapy- With this massage you can sculpt and reaffirm your figure thanks to the toning properties it contains. 50 min session - $1,914.00 MXN
​-Prices include taxes
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