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Breakfast menu

The menu consists of the selection of the following items: juice, coffee or tea, bread, 1 choice of first time and 1 choice of second time
Orange, grapefruit or green juice
Selection of pastries made home
First course
  • "Reforma" - Yogurt bowl Yogurt, red fruits and "Mexican sweets" granola (peanuts, pepita, sesame, amaranth, brown sugar and honey, raisins, blueberries and crystallized fruit)
  • "Xochimilco" - Fruit plate  (melon, papaya or pineapple) with mint sprouts.
  • "Condesa" - Chia pudding Infusion of almond milk (cloves, vanilla and cinnamon) and red fruits.
Second course
Vaina de frijoles
  • "Requesón" - Cottage cheese toast
    • Homemade compote of red berries, cottage cheese and artisan honey.
  • "Roma" - Avocado toast
    • Country bread, avocado, eggs and "salsa martrajada"
  • "Centro" Scrambled eggs with black bean sauce
    • Accompanied by gordita of cottage cheese with epazote and avocado.
  • "Lagunilla" Chilaquiles in sauce (green or red)
    • Gratin with cream, cheese and a selection of protein (egg, chicken, chorizo or skirt steak)
* If you have any allergies, notify the staff so that food can be cooked according to your needs.
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