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Lunch and Dinner menu

created by chef Ernesto Flores

  • "Guerrero" - Banana and black bean empanada stuffed with beans and cheese from Tepalcatepec. $ 120.00 MXN
  • "Coyoacán" - Pumpkin flower in tempura stuffed with cottage cheese and tomato sauce. $ 135.00 MXN
  • "San Ángel" - Dry noodle in chipotle sauce bathed in ranch cream and Tepalcatepec cheese. $ 110.00 MXN
  • "Forests" - Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, croutons and traditional Caesar dressing. $ 120.00 MXN
Main course
  • "Monterrey" - Flank steak sandwich with rye bread, skirt steak and avocado with chipotle chili mayonnaise. $ 190.00 MXN
  • "Puebla" - Chicken tempura sandwich accompanied by lettuce, tomato, cottage cheese and chipotle dressing $ 190.00 MXN
  • "Guadalajara" - Arrachera tacos served with avocado, chile, onion and chapulines 
  • Mango cheesecake with red wine reduction, orange and rosemary- $85.00 MXN 
* If you have any allergies, notify the staff so that food can be cooked according to your needs.
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