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agate apapacho

Everything you need

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Prep Salle de Bain

Bathtub decoration with:

1. Rose petals and candles with tea service. 

2. Pink, orange, pink and white gerberas

3. Citrus (orange, lemon and grapefruit slices)

The tub with hot water is prepared at a specific time as a welcome or surprise.

Value $750 MXN


Strawberries with chocolate   $180 MXN

Strawberries with chocolate and wine Asti  $1585 MXN

Chocolate candies of different flavors Que Bo $450 MXN 

Strawberries with chocolate and Taittinger Brut Reserve $3450 MXN

Plate of cheeses and cold meats for 2 people $850 MXN

Fresas cubiertas de chocolate

Deco pour toi

Room decoration for memorable moments.
We send a mood board with the color palette that we will use before making the surprise.

Value $1885 MXN 

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